Support us

As a registered charity you can support the PDU in a number of ways.


You can help the PDU by becoming a member. It is as easy as filling out the form attached below and returning it to us.

You can download the PDU’s statutes here.

One-click donations

You can support the PDU by donating to us with a simple click via Paypal.


The PDU welcomes individual donations to support our work. Since the PDU is a registered charity, all donations to us are tax-deductible within the European Union. You can donate to our bank account listed below and we can issue you with a donation receipt to prove the tax-deductibility of your donation:

Recipient: Project for Democratic Union e.V.
IBAN: DE30701500001003039672
Reason for payment: Individual donation


You can support the PDU’s general work with your donation, or contribute to a specific cause. If you have any questions on donations, you can contact us at or through our general enquiries form.

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