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What would a Trump presidency mean for the rest of the world?

President Trump is able to deliver a severe shock to the US and the rest of the world, writes Brendan Simms in his recent article for the New Statesman. The US and the UK might…

Britain First: Populism for the Internet Generation

For better or for worse, the internet has changed the face of activism. In their support of a particular cause, the average person can now log on to internet fora and share ideas with likeminded…

Scottish Independence: Renewed Democracy, New Danger

The Scottish independence vote has reinvigorated the nation’s democracy – but the prospect of secession is a dangerous one for Europe. By James Bartholomeusz

A New Nation in Europe? The case of Scotland

Scotland is scheduled to hold a referendum on national independence this autumn. What are the questions that arise for the European Union? By Liam Fitzgerald

Renegotiating Europe: Germany’s Push for Change

Following Germany’s call for Eurozone treaty reform, Bilquees Daud considers the implications of proposed changes in light of the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

Clegg stands up for Europe

With 100 days to go until the European elections, Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister calls for people to stand up against misleading Euroscepticism. By James Bartholomeusz

Britain and Europe: The Position of the PDU

The PDU lays out its position on Britain and the EU: there should be a referendum in the UK, but one with proper options and a proper debate. Britain has always had an uncertain relationship…

CBI Report: British Industry wants UK to stay in EU

The United Kingdom’s foremost industry association has called for continued EU membership and deeper political engagement by the UK. The PDU reports. By Martin McKane.

Human Rights: A British Bill of Rights is Not Good Enough!

At the Conservative Party conference last month, British Home Secretary Theresa May pledged to scrap the Human Rights Act and so withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, replacing it with a British Bill…


Gibraltar: Border dispute gone wrong

The recently revived dispute over Gibraltar epitomizes many of Europe’s current political woes, argues Daniel Schade, head of PDU’s London Office.